Home Coverings 54″ x 54″ Burgundy Hemmed Polyspun Cloth Table Cover

54″ x 54″ Burgundy Hemmed Polyspun Cloth Table Cover


  • Resists shrinking and pilling
  • Polyester and cotton blend
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Dress your tables to the tens with this 54″ x 54″ burgundy table cover! Combining the softness of cotton with a more natural look, this 65/35 polyspun hemmed table cover gives you the best of both worlds, with a stronger polyester presence than a 50/50 blend. This exceptional table cover features a long life, resisting shrinking and pilling during washing. While it may wrinkle slightly more than 100% polyester, its quality blend will absorb more during spills, won’t lint as much as 100% cotton, and maintains its beauty after repeated washings.


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